Networking Basics: Part 4

VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows for users to access private networks and share data from a public network securely. VPN’s can be used for a number of reasons including: accessing data that is geographically restricted, or accessing websites that are censored in your area and accessing data securely without anybody watching. It encrypts data so that your internet service provider can not see what websites the user is accessing becuase your activity  on the internet is routed through the VPN server.

Another feature of VPN’s are that they can mask your IP address because the internet views the VPN server’s IP address as the users. The VPN acts as a gateway allowing users to bypass firewalls which are blocking certain websites. It also prevents man in the middle attacks.There are three different types of VPN’s: paid for, free and private VPN’s which can be set up by the user.



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