Tech That can Help Conserve the Environment

Technology has contributed to global warming, new technologies use masses of amounts of electricity and this electricity is transformed by non-renewable and renewable methods. But I think that technology can be used to conserve the environment, it is up to us to use technology for the good of the earth. In this article I discuss ways that we (as a human race) can use technology to conserve the environment.

Electric cars

Thomas Parker created the first electric vehicle in the mid 19th century, an English inventor. An electric vehicle held the land speed record from 1898 to 1902, but electric motors and this time were expensive so the internal combustion engines appeared, which was more efficient and cheaper.

Fast forward to 2017 and the electric car has evolved massively. Lead by Elon Musk’s Tesla the electric car has started to compete with the petrol and diesel automobiles. The Tesla Model S, which is a serious competitor for petrol and diesel cars. It is said to have twice the energy density of a Nissan Leaf. The Tesla Model S offers great performance and runs on electricity. Tesla is the future of electric automobiles, but I think that driverless cars will become popular in the future. Electric driverless cars? This would mean that the petrol and diesel automobiles would slowly fade away.


Tesla Model S

Protecting animals

The earth has lost half of its wildlife in the past forty years due to wildlife being hunted and habitats have been destroyed to make room for our rapidly growing population. Animals like rhinos and snow leopards could be extinct in the near future. It is up to us to safeguard these animals, technology can be used to help animals.

A non-profitable conservation organisation called Protect has created Real-time Anti-Poaching Intelligence Device (RAPID), a collar that is worn by rhinos which broadcasts information to Protect centers. This information includes: a GPS tacking, heart rate of the rhino and a video camera. The technology means that this information is sent to the rangers and the rangers can stop hunters from butchering rhinos for their expensive horns.


Ultimately it is up to the governments, scientists and us – the common people, to help conserve the environment.  I believe that the preservation of this earth is more significant than any other matter as we only get one environment so protecting the environment is protecting humanity.

Companies like Tesla and Protect can work to preserve the environment, but unless we unite and work together to sustain the world, than before we know we will be looking for a new home.



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