Why Hackers are Winning the Cyber Wars?

Hackers are winning more cyber wars against businesses and they will continue to lead unless the businesses start to get rid of their outdated ways and adopt new strategies.

Why are businesses losing?

Cyber attacks cost UK businesses over £34 billion a year, this is because cyber security is not a priority with most CEO’s as they four on spending more money and time on marketing and other things. Reasons why businesses are losing:

  • Cyber divisions focus on the wrong things – They focus on upgrading firewalls and making their application impenetrable.
  • Hire a hacker – The deep web allows normal criminals who have absolutely zero knowledge of hacking to hire hackers for money, and have them carry out hacks, ranging from ruining peoples lives to taking a website down for some time.
  • It is difficult to trace hackers – as they can spoof their source field, the data packets which hold information on the source of the hacker. So hackers can change the source field and make it appear they are someplace where they are not.
  • Hackers exploit human weaknesses – They use the technique: spear phishing, to adapt an email to contain personal information about the recipient, so when the recipient opens the email malware is installed on the computer and the computer virus spreads on other computers connected to the same networks.cyber-attack

What can businesses do to catch up and beat the hackers?

  • Focus on humans – People are the biggest weakness. Employees are the target for phishing and spear phishing. In order to fix this problem the company should spend time and money teaching all employees about the ways to spot scam emails.
  • Hire the hackers – Hiring white hat hackers, can be highly beneficial to businesses because they can offer insights into the thought process of hackers and eventually expose hackers weaknesses. White hat hackers can also help companies to find weaknesses and fix them, this makes the application more robust.
  • Staying current – The hacking community is becoming more and more advanced every day and unless companies don’t prepare for new and more complex types of hacks, they will fall behind. This also means that businesses need to constantly updating software and hardware.
  • Back up frequently – Companies should keep safely backing up sensitive data, so that in a case of a ransomware attack, they company doesn’t have to pay the ludicrous demands made by hackers, as they the most important data has been backed up.
  • Call ISP provider if need be – In the case of the company being a victim of a DDOS attack the company should call the internet service provider and ask them to re-route the traffic away from your application.

White hat hackers are the key to success


Companies and businesses must leave old methods behind and start to adopt new techniques and strategies in order to beat hackers.

What are your ideas on how to improve the cyber security for companies?

Leave your comments below.


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